Mar 2018 29

Here’s a commercial Harold Chapman Art Directed for Salt TV and the Military Mutual in the new year. The Military Mutual was specifically set up to support veterans of the armed forces; all the extras on the shoot were real veterans and their families.

“Land of Milk and Honey” Part III in the Arbuturian
Mar 2018 26

Here is the third and final instalment of Harold Chapman’s article chronicling a tour of northern Israel. Having sampled some of its cultural, religious and culinary delights, he meets members of its racial minorities – the Bedouin and the Druze before a final farewell at the ancient Roman aqueduct at Caesarea.

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Feb 2018 26

Here’s a short promo Harold Chapman Art Directed for Historic England just before Christmas, with the redoubtable Aaron Trinder lensing and helming;

“Land of Milk and Honey”Part II now headlining in the Arbuturian
Jan 2018 03

Harold Chapman’s second part of his Israel piece, “Land of Milk and Honey” is now headlining in the Arbuturian. From the extraordinary flavours of Uri Jeremais’ “Uri Buri” restaurant to holiest shrine of the Bahai faith just outside Akko, he continues his odyssey around one of the world’s most culturally ancient and complex areas.

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Dec 2017 18

Here’s the new single by “Blur” founder and lead guitarist, Graham Coxon which Harold Chapman Art Directed recently. “Falling” was directed by Aaron Trinder and shot by Steven Gray. All proceeds go to men’s suicide prevention charity “CALM”.