Jan 2021 03

Not especially Christmassy, not particularly pertinent to the new year, here’s a recent music video I designed for the British-German DJ duo “M-22” – “Think About Us”. The great thing about it is that 90% of the effects in it are in-camera. Yes, we actually chopped the car in half and yes that mad explosion of goo at the end actually happened; it’s called “elephant toothpaste” in common parlance and is a mixture of 35% proof Hydrogen peroxide, liquid soap, food dye and a yeast catalyst. Along with the director, I was the only one on set when we chucked the catalyst in and had about 10 seconds to clear before being carried away in a molten tide of chemical effluence…

Sep 2017 25

Here’s the new video for Mercury, Brit and Grammy nominated North London indie rock band “Wolf Alice” which Harold Chapman art directed earlier in the summer – “Yuk Foo”: Sit back and enjoy!

Jun 2016 26

After a long album gestation, here’s the music video Harold Chapman directed for the Nelson Brothers last year; “I Can Dream” from the forthcoming album, “Sacred River”.

Jan 2015 04

The music video Harold Chapman directed for the sublimely talented Lucy Randall AKA “Annique” has just been released by label Asphalt Tango as part of her new Album “Heads Up.” Shot in East, West, South and Central London (!) over the summer, this was quite a ride, with homage nods to “West Side Story” and Walter Hills’s “The Warriors”. Hope you enjoy!

Dec 2014 10

For hardcore fans, here’s the director’s cut of “Little Drummer Boy”, cut to a slightly longer version of the track. Hope you enjoy!