“Florian’s Last Climb” selected to screen at the London International Documentary Festival
Jan 2021 08

“Florian’s Last Climb” has been selected to screen at the London International Documentary Festival. A BAFTA recognised festival, LIDF is London’s oldest and largest documentary festival and has been described by documentarian Brigitte Berman as “one of the most important film festivals in the world”. This is exciting news for me both because it marks “FLC’s” UK premiere and because I had the honour of screening here before with my documentary “Sweep”. I remember seeing Martin Scorsese’s simple but masterful documentary there, “Letter to Elia” about his childhood hero Elia Kazan, and sharing drinks at an after party with David Cronenberg’s producer. Like most other festivals, LIDF has had to go on-line this year but expect a challenging line-up.go to story

Jan 2021 03

Not especially Christmassy, not particularly pertinent to the new year, here’s a recent music video I designed for the British-German DJ duo “M-22” – “Think About Us”. The great thing about it is that 90% of the effects in it are in-camera. Yes, we actually chopped the car in half and yes that mad explosion of goo at the end actually happened; it’s called “elephant toothpaste” in common parlance and is a mixture of 35% proof Hydrogen peroxide, liquid soap, food dye and a yeast catalyst. Along with the director, I was the only one on set when we chucked the catalyst in and had about 10 seconds to clear before being carried away in a molten tide of chemical effluence…

“Florian’s Last Climb” selected to screen at the 16mm Film Festival, India
Dec 2020 14

I am delighted to announce that “Florian’s Last Climb” has been selected to screen at the Harkat 16mm Film Festival in Mumbai, India. The festival describes itself as “an analog film festival dedicated to the showing, production and discourse around celluloid film as a medium” and includes screenings and workshops across three days between 18th-20th December. “FLC” will be screened as part of the “Persistence of Memory” section showing on the 19th December at 6:30pm IST (1 pm GMT). A great chance to see films in its original unvarnished state – “FLC” combining both 16mm and super8mm.Film Festival Instagram page

“Florian’s Last Climb” Nominated for Best Documentary at Long Story Shorts, Romania
Nov 2020 24

Another feather in the cap for “Florian’s Last Climb”. It recently screened at Long Story Shorts International Film Festival in Romania where it was nominated for Best Documentary.

“Florian’s Last Climb” screened at the Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest, Romania
Nov 2020 16

“Florian’s Last Climb” has been accepted for Official Selection and screened at the Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest in Romania. Finished in 2018, the film continues its long run across the globe. Sadly in these days of Covid lockdowns audiences are not able to gather together in communality but at least the on-line alternative is giving people a chance to see films outside the mainstream. Viva the film festival!