Harold Chapman Production Designs new sequence for feature “Salty”
Mar 2017 31

Harold Chapman Production Designed a new sequence and pickups in the UK for the feature, “Salty” starring Antonio Banderas and Olga Kurylenko, a comedy about an ageing thrash metal rock star having a career end crisis… The film was shot in Chile last summer. Mr Banderas was alas not present for the UK shoot but David Mitchell was on hand as the rock star’s bungling agent. Directed by Simon West of “Con Air” and “Tomb Raider” fame.

Review of the RA’s new exhibition “Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932” in the Arb
Mar 2017 20

Harold Chapman’s latest review covers the Royal Academy’s new exhibition: “Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932”. If ever there was an unequivocal testament to the dangers of power mixed with ideology and the profound importance of art in a nation’s life, here it is. To all the people of the world, take note, and carefully guard what liberties you have.

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Director Harold Chapman at Tampere!
Mar 2017 16

Harold Chapman is back from Tampere where both “Invisible” and “Sweep” screened to full houses. Over four days he attended screenings, events and parties and consumed copious quantities of smoked salmon, pickled herring and beer. A very warm thanks to festival director Jukka-Pekka Laakso and his wonderful team and the lovely people of Tampere. Vivre the Finnish sauna and plunges in frozen lakes!

Harry Chapman travels to Tampere
Mar 2017 08

On the eve of the director’s departure to the Tampere Film Festival in Finland a short reminder, in case any of you might be passing…, that both “Invisible” and “Sweep” will be screening as part of a Special Programme entitled, “Swinging London”, which casts a a beady filmic eye on life in our capital. Screenings Thursday night at 22:00 and Saturday night at 20:00 at the Plevna, Tampere. See you there!

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