Review of “The Jones Family Project” in The Arbuturian
Dec 2015 23

For those in need of more carnivory nourishment this Christmas, (or in the new year when the taste of turkey begins to pall) there is a rather good steak restaurant in Shoreditch. Harold Chapman’s review of the “Jones Family Project” is now headlining in the Arbuturian.

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Dec 2015 13

Here’s the H & M Christmas commercial Harold Chapman Art Directed for RSA Films back in the summer at Leavesden Studios and currently doing the rounds, starring a pop star by the name of Katy Perry and directed by middle aged enfant terrible Jonas Ackerlund of Madonna’s “Ray of Light” and The Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” fame. Featuring dancing teddy bears, ginger bread men and elves, but not of the JRR Tolkien sort…

“Sweep” receives Special Mention at the Short on Work Festival
Dec 2015 11

At the awards ceremony last night in Modena, “Sweep” picked up a Special Mention from the Marco Biagi Foundation at the Short on Work Festival, in competition with more that a hundred short docs from all over the world. Thanks to everyone for their support!

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“Sweep” short listed for the “Short On Work Festival”, Italy
Dec 2015 07

The short doc “Sweep” by Harold Chapman has just been short listed, along with eleven other titles for the “Short on Work” festival in Modena, Italy which shines the focus on documentaries looking at work in all its various forms. The winners are announced Thursday 10th December. First prize 2,500 euros!

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Review of “Cinderella” at The Lyric in The Arbuturian
Dec 2015 03

If any of you are in need of some lightweight frippery for Christmas, recommended is “Cinderella” at The Lyric. Harold Chapman, previously a self confessed “panto-phobe”, sees the light. Here is his review, now headlining in the Arbuturian.

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