“Invisible” live on Indieflix
Jul 2015 16

Our film “Invisible” has just gone live on film screening web portal Indieflix. The website hosts over 6,000 thousand award-winning short films, features and documentaries of all genres.
As a special thank you to you – our friends and supporters, and for all those of you who have not yet seen “Invisible” – we have been offered two unique promotional codes that includes 1 free month of IndieFlix with any new monthly or 3 free months with any annual IndieFlix subscription. This a great way to get access to all sorts of amazing film content straight to your computer or mobile device and is also available on Roku, Xbox and FireTV.
Below are the two links. All you need to do is copy and paste the one you want into your web-browser and Indieflix should lead you on from there. It’s very simple.
(1 month free subscription)
(3 months free subscription)
Also, if you do check out Indieflix we would please encourage you to rate or review it to help boost it’s profile on the site.
Many thanks.
Hope you enjoy!