“Sauces For Courses, Part II: The Lesson” in the Arbuturian
Dec 2014 30

Bouncing us into 2015, the second part of Harold Chapman’s articled sojourn at “Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons” in which he learns to sauté like a prince and throw together a quick gewürztraminer sauce at the Raymond Bland cookery school, is now up and running in the Arbuturian;

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“Sweep” screens at “Roots to Shoots” short showcase, Coventry
Dec 2014 18

In case any one is cooling their heels in Coventry tomorrow night, Harold Chapman’s award winning doc, “Sweep”, is screening as part of the “Roots to Shoots” shorts showcase at The Tin at the Coal Vaults organised by local film maker Brian Harley, one of the judges at this year’s Isle of Wight Film Festival.

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“Eat Like a King: Sauces for Courses at Le Manoir” in the Arbuturian
Dec 2014 16

Following his sojourn at Raymond Blanc’s temple of gastronomy “Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons” Harold Chapman brings you his wrestles with the nine course tasting menu followed by his induction into the world famous cookery school…

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Dec 2014 10

For hardcore fans, here’s the director’s cut of “Little Drummer Boy”, cut to a slightly longer version of the track. Hope you enjoy!

Dec 2014 04

The new music video Harold Chapman directed for Elizabeth McGovern’s band “Sadie and the Hotheads” – a re-imagining of “Little Drummer Boy” has now been released as part of the Christmas album “White Christmas” featuring the likes of Coldplay, Kate Bush and Sinead O’Connor.