“Witches and Wicked Bodies” in the Arbuturian
Sep 2013 29

Halloween is fast approaching and for those of you with a soft spot for witches Harry Chapman has a new review of the National Gallery of Scotland’s latest exhibition headlining in the Arbuturian. Entitled “Witches and Wicked Bodies” it’s a pictorial history of the witch as imagined by such greats as Durer, Blake, Fuseli and Goya.

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“One Night in the Summer” in The Arbuturian
Sep 2013 10

Harold Chapman has a new story headlining in “The Arbuturian”. “One Night in the Summer” is the tale of an evening in the countryside and why pig-headed Staffordshire Bull Terriers are a necessity when darkness falls…

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“Sweep” to play at the Apolonia International Film Festival, Albania
Sep 2013 03

I am delighted to announce that “Sweep” will be playing at the Apolonia Film Festival in Albania. It was due to play last year at the Fieri International Film Festival but due to financing issues this was temporarily suspended. The festival is now back with a new name, full credit and a very generous offer to host the director for the full duration of the festival between 20-25 of September.

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“Spread Eagle in Sussex, Part Two: Rods and Royalty” in the Arbuturian
Sep 2013 01

Part Two of my new article in the Arbuturian “Spread Eagle in Sussex: Rods and Royalty” is now headlining. It takes in piscatory triumph, castles, curses and kings and even an appearance by the Catholic scoundrel Mr G. Fawkes…

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