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Feb 2011 15

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On Sunday 5 June, Harry Chapman will be rolling out his bicycle to support Open Cinema launch five new film clubs between London and Glasgow. He will be pedalling across a big, mountainous, 1000-mile island, renowned the world over for its conversation-starting weather.

From the furthest tip of Cornwall across 18 counties, eight moors and four mountain ranges, to John O Groats and the thrashing surf of Cape Wrath: the journey will be tough – but each pedal will be in support of people without homes, jobs or communities on Britain’s streets.

Open Cinema operates nine community cinemas for homeless people in London and Newcastle, in partnership with leading homelessness charities including Crisis and St Mungo’s. Members are enabled to programme seasons of films, meet famous filmmakers and experts, and make films of their own, which help them into education and work. By supporting him, you will be helping vulnerable people in London, Oxford, Birmingham, Liverpool and Glasgow towards community, improved mental health, new skills and pathways to a better life.

To read more about our campaign and to make a contribution please visit our page on Indie GoGo If you think he might be passing your way and you would like to offer him a sofa, a barn or a cuppa in return for half an hour of tales from the wilderness, contact our Facebook page or email or call the Open Cinema office in London on 020 7729 1808.

Open Cinema on the Open Road – pedalling for Britain’s homeless.