Jun 2015 09

Here’s a commercial Harry Chapman Production Designed for Pedigree Dentaflex involving real Assistance Dogs – the amazing canine helpers for the disabled. Shot on location in Ealing last summer, when the weather was hot…

“Waterloo” in The Arbuturian
May 2015 31

Harold Chapman has a new travel sketch headlining in “The Arbuturian”. “Waterloo”, based on an experience walking back across the Thames, shows a city as textured, strange and mysterious as any on the planet.

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Harold Chapman directs promo for the new Nelson Brother’s single
Apr 2015 29

Harold Chapman’s just picture locked the edit on the music video he directed for the Nelson Brother’s single “I Can Dream” from their forthcoming album. Shot on location in Outwood, Surrey last Friday. Just the grade to do now.

Mar 2015 21

Spring is officially here and if that doesn’t get you in the mood for dancing, here’s a promo Harold Chapman shot and directed for Jubilee Hall Trust, The Big Dance and Open Cinema last summer which might just get your toes tapping:

“Al Alvarez: A Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man” in The Arbuturian
Feb 2015 17

Harold Chapman has a new story headlining in The Arbuturian. “Al Alvarez: A Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man” is a character sketch of the octogenarian poet, essayist, rock climber, poker player and swimmer Al Alvarez who he has encountered on and off over the last half decade at the Highgate Bathing Pond. Illustration by the author.

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