Part 3 of “Florian’s Last Climb”, shooting Lair of the Bandit King in London
Sep 2016 07

A scene from “Guns of Navarone” by way of “A Fist Full of Dollars”? No. Shoot three of the super 8 epic that is “Florian’s Last Climb”. Trapped in a blizzard in the mountains of Corsica in 1909, von Liechtenstein and his untrustworthy companion Richaud de Mantalbaum stumble upon a lair of cut throat brigands led by Orso Fesch (AKA Paul Doyle), the self styled “King of Corsica”. Shooting up in Omega Work’s studio on Sunday with the indefatigable Mike Robinson on lensing and lighting duties. Philip Welford, Julio Martino and Michael Teale as the remaining bad men, Ric Bacon as de Mantalbaum, Will Walsh and Jono Ryder making short work of camera assisting duties, David Myers as art department person extraordinaire, Jemma Harrison creating necessary scars and Danica Chapman on cooking up wonders in the kitchen. With Harold Chapman at the helm. A huge thanks to a splendid cast and crew! What a crack!