Harold Chapman at the 40th American Film Festival of Deauville, Normandy
Sep 2014 22

Harold Chapman was in Deauville, Normandy last week as intrepid pen-smith for the Arbuturian. As well as providing the setting for the World Equestrian Games, the town, founded in the 19th century to provide aristocratic Parisians the sea view escape from the trials of city life, also plays host to the glamorous Deauville American Film Festival, now celebrating its fortieth year. He attended the red carpet opening of Woody Allen’s twenties magician yarn, “Magic in the Moonlight”, as well as Lasse Hallstrom’s Provencal-set, “A Hundred Foot Journey”. Stars in attendance included Jessica Chastain, “Amalie” director Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Helen Mirren.

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