Review of “Aladdin” at the Lyric, for The Arbuturian
Jan 2017 29

As the panto season disappears behind us as we slog through winter, here is a warming reminder of what went before and what will come after – Harold Chapman’s review of “Aladdin” at the Lyric, Hammersmith.

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Review of “Beyond Caravaggio” in the Arbuturian
Nov 2016 10

Killer, outlaw, genius and inspiration to many generations of artists, Caravaggio’s life and works beggar belief. A new show at the National Gallery entitled “Beyond Caravaggio” explores his influence on his contemporaries and the generation following. Harold Chapman’s review of this is now headlining in “The Arbuturian”.

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Part 4 of “Florian’s Last Climb”, Schloss Liechtenstein in Barham House
Oct 2016 28

Almost there! The near contemporary tranche of the unspooling epic of “Florian’s Last Climb”, shot on majestic super 16mm on the Aaton XTR Prod last weekend the 22nd and 23rd October. Barham House in East Sussex standing in for “Schloss Liechtenstein” near Innsbruck in Austrian, circa late 1990s/early 2000s. Mike Robinson once more on lensing duties, his nephew Jake ably camera assisting, Grant Studart recording sound, Emma Thornett on makeup, Sharon Sorrentino casting, Danica Chapman cooking up a storm in the kitchen and David Chapman plugging all gaps. Bill Brand, last seen as the Austrian Minister of war in BBC’s series “War and Peace”, as Otto von Liechtenstein, Frank Loman as the documentary film interviewer and German language coach extraordinaire and Susie Engel stepping out of “Richard Third” as Ralph Fiennes’s mother, putting everyone to shame (well, me at least) as nonagenarian Clotilde von Liechtenstein with her torrent of energy and sheer professionalism at the age of 81. An inspiration! And the entire cast jabbering in German throughout! A joy. 99% done now. two tiny scenes on super 8 to go.

“A GR20 Journal” in Mountainblog Europe: Part Three
Sep 2016 30

The third and final part of Harold Chapman’s journal chronicling his climb across the mountains of Corsica is published in MoutainBlogEurope. At 2,225 metres, the Breche de Capitellu is the highest point of the route, and it is here that he encounters death in one of its many forms… And two days before the end he goes down with food poisoning. There is no way out apart from over the top…

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“A GR20 Journal” in Mountainblog Europe: Part Two
Sep 2016 11

The second part of Harold Chapman’s trek across Corsica has now been published in MountainBlogEurope. Climbing high into the mountains, he experiences the particular variety of mountain solitude as well as the extremities of mountain weather. He reaches the halfway point of Vizzavona and enjoys some Corsican hospitality mixed with Texan companionship!

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