“Le Meilleur Ami de L’Homme” (Part II) in the Arbuturian
Dec 2013 24

The second part of Harold Chapman’s short story, “Le Meilleur Ami de L’Homme” is now headlining in the Arbuturian. Although not exactly a festive piece, the tale will make you glad of the warmth of the hearth and stock of the board…

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“Le Meilleur Ami de L’Homme” in the Arbuturian
Dec 2013 16

Harold Chapman has a new piece of illustrated short fiction in the Arbuturian. “Le Meilleur Ami de L’Homme” sees man’s love of his dog tested to the limits… Next Sunday sees the concluding part of the tale.

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“No Foreign Lands” in the Arbuturian
Oct 2013 24

Harold Chapman has a new story headlining in “The Arbuturian”. “No Foreign Lands” is a review of the new Peter Doig exhibition of the same name showing at the National Gallery of Scotland. Billed as something of a homecoming for Doig, this is the first major retrospective in the country of his birth. It is full of mystery and the dream-like capacity of the imagination…

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Harold Chapman at the Apolonia International Film Festival, Albania
Oct 2013 18

Harold Chapman has just returned from the Apolonia International Film Festival in Albania where he was guest of the festival for a week. As well as screening his short doc “Sweep”, he was given a taste of Albanian hospitality and culture which included consuming ‘friendly’ quantities of their local 50% proof schnapps, pirouetting techniques in Albanian dancing, swims in the Adriatic and Ionian seas and a memorable visit to the ruins of the ancient Hellenic city of Apolonia.

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“Witches and Wicked Bodies” in the Arbuturian
Sep 2013 29

Halloween is fast approaching and for those of you with a soft spot for witches Harry Chapman has a new review of the National Gallery of Scotland’s latest exhibition headlining in the Arbuturian. Entitled “Witches and Wicked Bodies” it’s a pictorial history of the witch as imagined by such greats as Durer, Blake, Fuseli and Goya.

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