Feb 2019 13

I know it seems an age ago when we were beset with emails from companies asking us to go through the whole GDPR rigmarole, but here’s a little commercial I art directed at the time, helmed by the redoubtable Aaron Trinder and starring the new Mads Mikkelsen…

Best Original Programme – “Married to a Paedophile”
Feb 2019 08

“Married to a Paedophile” has just picked up the award for Best Original Programme at the 2019 Broadcast awards, with one judge dubbing it, “Technically outstanding, truly innovative and utterly coherent.” Here’s a link to an article paying tribute. Congratulations to director Colette Camden and the rest of the team!

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Jan 2019 31

Here’s a trailer for the ground breaking drama-doc Harold Chapman Production Designed last year, “Married to a Paedophile” which was screened on C4 last September. Tough viewing but extremely compelling and done without clamour. The C4 Iplayer link is below:

Harry Chapman at the Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival
Oct 2018 27

Harold Chapman at the Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival on the shores of beautiful Lake Tegernsee in wonderful Bavaria where “Florian’s Last Climb” had been selected to screen last week. As well as the stunning setting, ice cold lake swims, a barefoot climb up to the top of the 1,261 m high Neureuth, beer halls and hearty Bavarian cuisine, there were some stunning films connected with mountains and alpinism. A huge thanks to veteran festival director Micki Pause for making me feel so welcome and all the moderators and film makers who I encountered in this magical corner of the world at the foot of the Alps.

Harry Chapman picks up the “Golden Maple” at Jahorina Film Festival
Oct 2018 03

At Jahorina Film Festival, Pale, near Sarajevo in beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina, Harry Chapman picks up the “Golden Maple” for Best Documentary for his genre bender “Florian’s Last Climb”. A big thanks and hello to Mirko Despic and the rest of the festival team and to all the other locals and film makers who made the event so warmly memorable.