“Florian’s Last Climb” selected to screen at the Minikino Film Week, Bali International Short Film Festival, Indonesia
Jul 2019 18

From semi-finalist a month or two back, “Florian’s Last Climb” has been awarded a laurel for Official Selection at the Minikino Film Week 5, Bali International Film Festival, Indonesia which takes place this October. Many thanks to the festival for accepting the film and for inviting me out to attend. go to story

“Florian’s Last Climb” receives a –	Special Festival Mention at the 8th Bangalore Short Film Festival, India
Jul 2019 06

Some great news in – “Florian’s Last Climb” has received a Special Festival Mention at the 8th Bangalore Short Film Festival, India. Thank you so much to the festival for selecting our humble offering, and for the judges for further acknowledging the work. The great Werner Herzog may have once said that “prizes are for dogs and horses”, but it’s certainly no bad thing to be occasionally recognised, especially for the creative punt “FLC” was.

Harold Chapman directs pilot for comedy – “Epic”
Jul 2019 03

End of May on the set of “Epic” at the soon to be demolished Bedford Community Hall in Central London. Directing from Matt Zarb’s wonderfully deadpan script, I had a dream cast and crew. Amongst the customary head scratching and nail biting were moments of pure joy and stifled laughter behind the monitor as the actors delivered it with knobs on…

“Florian’s Last Climb” to screen at the 8th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival, India
Jun 2019 07

I’m thrilled to announce that “Florian’s Last Climb” has been accepted to screen at the 8th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival in the southern Indian state of Karnataka later this month. With its recent acceptance at Pune, it is heartening to discover that a story of an Austrian mountaineer disappearing in Corsica a hundred years ago makes for entertaining fodder for the good people of the India.go to story

“Florian’s Last Climb” screens at BAFTA.
May 2019 09

Last night at the “Florian’s Last Climb” first UK screening – a cast and crew at BAFTA, Piccadilly. A magnificent night in the Princess Anne Theatre with 5.1 sound, surrounded by wonderful friends and family. A huge thanks to all of you who made the film possible and to all of you who came in support of it last night on a wet night in May. To those of you I missed in conversation, my apologies and sincerest thanks. Bravo!