Harold Chapman at the 64th Trento International Film Festival, Italy
May 2016 31

Harold Chapman is just back from the Trento Film Festival at the foot of the Italian Dolomites, which, founded in 1952, is the oldest film festival in the world dedicated to mountains, adventure and exploration. He was there as a guest of media partners MountainBlog, promoting his short film “Florian’s Last Climb” which he hopes to screen at next year’s festival. MountainBlog Europe will also soon be publishing his diaries on the infamous GR20 trek in Corsica, which partly follows the last journey of Austrian climbing legend and hero of his film, Florian von Liechtenstein.

Super 8 epic “Florian’s Last Climb” shooting at Barham House
Apr 2016 07

“Downton Abbey” eat your heart out! Easter weekend down in Barham House, East Sussex shooting the super 8 epic “Florian’s Last Ride” about Austrian Edwardian climbing legend Florian Frederick Graf von Liechtenstein and his mysterious disappearance in Corsica in 1909…

Review of “Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art” in the Arbuturian
Mar 2016 01

Harold Chapman’s review of the new exhibition at the National Gallery, “Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art” is now headlining in the Arbuturian. For those who like their artists uncompromising, rebellious and original, Delacroix is the man. He influenced the whole generation of Impressionists and Post Impressionists and was a hero to many of them.This is the first exhibition of his work in the UK for 50 years.

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Jan 2016 16

“The Comic Strip Presents” latest piece of lampoonery, “Redtop” (former title “Rebekah”), about the Rebekah Brooks phone hacking scandal, has its TV premier next Wednesday 20th at 10 pm on UK Gold. Harold Chapman had the pleasure of working as Production Designer under veteran helmer Peter Richardson and a cast which includes some of the cream of British comic acting – Maxine Peake, Stephen Mangan, Russell Tovey, John Sessions, Harry Enfield, Nigel Planer and Johnny Vegas.

Review of “The Jones Family Project” in The Arbuturian
Dec 2015 23

For those in need of more carnivory nourishment this Christmas, (or in the new year when the taste of turkey begins to pall) there is a rather good steak restaurant in Shoreditch. Harold Chapman’s review of the “Jones Family Project” is now headlining in the Arbuturian.

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