“Florian’s Last Climb” receives the Jury Award for Best Documentary at the Indian World Film Festival
Mar 2020 27

It’s small shakes in a world in crisis but at least a glimmer of sunnier times – with film festivals shutting their doors to protect staff and audiences – “Florian’s Last Climb” was screened at the Indian Film Festival in Hyderabad earlier this month and picked up the Jury Award for Best Documentary. Let’s hope there are good times ahead of us in the world and UK film industries after the tough times of the present.

“Florian’s Last Climb” selected to screen at the 4th Indian World Film Festival, Hyderabad
Mar 2020 05

“Florian’s Last Climb” continues its ascent in India with yet another score – selected to screen at the 4th Indian World Film Festival in Hyderabad this month. Many thanks to the festival for choosing us and best of luck to all the film makers taking part!

“Florian’s Last Climb” selected to screen at the New Delhi Film Festival, India
Dec 2019 18

A 4th hit on the Sub-Continent! After Pune, Bangalore and Goa, “Florian’s Last Climb” has now been selected to screen at the New Delhi Film Festival in India in January. It’s never easy to predict which stories will score in which countries. Perhaps it’s a Himalayan connection?! Das ist gut!

Dec 2019 09

“Be the Gift” – a Nokia commercial I art directed a while back for gifted director Aaron Trinder. My daughter’s still only eight so I have all this to come. Apparently it had the exec producer in tears…

Harold Chapman directs second part of “Epic”!
Nov 2019 11

Memories of the salad days of the summer gone. Shooting the last part of “Epic” the pilot on the Pippingford Estate in June with bloodletting, swordplay, nudity, crashing drones and even a brood of Labrador puppies. Who said “Game of Thrones” was over. Watch this space…