“Florian’s Last Climb” (completed)
Feb 2019 08

In 1909 the Austrian mountaineer Florian Frederick Graf von Liechtenstein left his estate near Innsbruck and travelled to Corsica for a climbing expedition. He was never seen again. Ninety years later his grandson Otto employs two film makers to help him uncover the mystery of the disappearance, but the facts get in the way of the truth.

Written & Directed by Harold Chapman
Produced by Harold Chapman
Running time: 25 minutes

starring: Bill Brand / Susan Engel / Ric Bacon / Christopher Hunter / Matt Zarb / Daisy Chapman

– Golden Maple for Best Documentary Film, Jahorina Film Festival, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Selected or screened at the following festivals:
– PriFest – Prishtina International Film Festival, Kosovo
– Jahorina Film Festival, Bosnia & Herzegovina
– Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival, Germany
– Beverly Hills Film Festival, USA

“Florian’s Last Climb” selected for PriFest in Kosovo
Jun 2018 15

“Florian’s Last Climb” has its world premiere at PriFest in the Kosovo capital of Prishtina this July, one of the county’s most prestigious cultural events.

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Mar 2018 01

I’m excited to announce that “Florian’s Last Climb”, the epic super 8/super 16 mash-up that began principal shooting back in June of 2014, has, of the 29th of January been picture-locked, scored, on-lined – that is completely finished. Here is the trailer which we finished last night.

And here is the FB page which will show all the latest news including festival screenings. Please log on and “like”.

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“Invisible” and “Sweep” selected to screen at the Tampere Film Festival, Finland
Feb 2017 11

“Invisible” and “Sweep” have both been selected to screen in a Special Programme at the Tampere Film Festival in Finland, one of the foremost short film festivals in Europe. Director Harry Chapman has been invited to attend as guest of the festival which runs between 8th and 12th March, 2017.

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Invisible awarded a Special Mention for Best Fiction Film and the Jury Award at the Souq Film Fest
Nov 2012 29

News just in: “Invisible” has just picked up two awards at this year’s Souq Film Festival – Urban Suffering on Film – a Special Mention for the Best Short Film – Category: Fiction and the prestigious Jury Award for Best Short Film of the festival which includes 4,000 euros. The festival contacted the the director last friday night with the news and he recorded a video message which was then played to the Milan audience (available to view on the Souq Film Festival website.)

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